NJLTA welcomes all new members and appreciates all our existing members.  Whether you are an Affiliate, Agency Section or Underwriter member, the NJLTA is comprised of hard working individuals who together support the industry through education and advocacy. Check on the links to find out more information about the various types of members and the benefits afforded to them.


Axelrod, Gerald A.

Barrett, Wibur A.

Borroughs, Richard

Clayton, Joseph M.

Donohugh, CTP, Harold

Egan, Jr., James J.

Fowler, Lydia

Gebhardt, Charles A.

Hartman, Elnora M.

Harvey, Charles J.

Jones, Donald B.

Kehoe, Patrick J.

Kiernan, John A.

Lasky, George J.


Lasseter,  David H.

Lewellen,  Joseph E.

Lombardo, James V.

Loughnane, William J.

Lyons, John F.

Maloney, Denis W.

McAuliffe, Jr., William

McDermitt, John H.

McDonough, Frank J.

Newman, Lorraine

Nolen, Jr., John W.

Parvin, Herbert

Piche, George W.

Petrucci, CTP, Joseph

Rafferty, Thomas J.


Rossetti, CTP, Leonard

Santosuosso,CTP, Joseph

Schreiber, Margaret

Shumake,  Morgan W.

Silver, Maurice A.

Spagnola, Samuel J.

Sprouls, Walter A.

Stickel, George A. CTP

Tobin, Edward A.

Tomanelli, Mary Ann

Weigel, John R.

Westermaier, F. Victor

Whitaker, Eugene J.

Woodward, A. Lyndon

Woodward, William H.